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Buildings built in Cleveland as part of these crimes
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Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland’s Renaissance

During the 1990’s Cleveland went through a “Renaissance” of buildings new public buildings. These buildings included the

·         Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

·         Jacobs Field which was a new baseball stadium for the Cleveland Indians

·         Gund Arena which was a new home for the Cleveland Cavilers

·         Great Lakes Science Center which is a museum for technology

·         Cleveland Browns Stadium which is a new football stadium for the Cleveland Browns

·         Cuyahoga County Coroner’s Office

·         Cleveland State University Convocation Center

·         New Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

·         Carl. B. Stokes Federal Court House

·         New City of Parma Justice Center


In all, well over $1 billion dollars was spent building these new buildings. All of this spending was suppose to reinvigorate Cleveland’s economy and turn the city around. These projects provided a lot of construction jobs and did give the city a temporary boost until the construction was completed.


After construction phase was completed people started leaving the city in droves because of higher taxes, and in part some people didn’t like the “Games and Crimes” involved in the building of these buildings. As we all know buildings are made up of stories and with these buildings there were media games but I will address those in the Media Games section of this website.