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Parma Justice Center

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Parma, Ohio

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New Parma Justice Center, Parma Ohio

As part of these crimes the City of Parma got themselves a new justice center. This was the city that Karen Schulze lived in. It’s also the city where I had to go to court for a DUI I was set up to get as part of the police and court harassment games. And this police department that rammed into the back of my car on the 3 year anniversary of Karen’s death when I was on my way to another funeral.

The Old Parma Police Station

 Old Parma Police Station Parma, Ohio

Now You See It And Now You Don't

Parma Police Station torn down

Has you can see the old police station was torn down and homes are going up in its place. This is another example of disappearing visual references in these crimes. I will show other example of this which is part of the building games.

Justice Center City of Parma, Ohio

Parma Police also took part in cooking the video games that were on my computer. On the police report of Karen’s death they called offense type as “Sudden Death” this was also the name of a video game on my computer. How do you commit “Sudden Death” by committing suicide in a car by running it in a garage.