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Carl B. Stokes Federal Courthouse

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Cleveland, Ohio
Carl Stoke Federal Courthouse Cleveland OhioGroundbreaking took place on 5/28/1997. This was my fathers birthday. And just to note Carl B. Stokes died on my birthday 4/3/1996. But remember there's no building games going on here. And there is no pattern in the deaths or police harassment that's I've gone through. Just see the U.S. Department of Justice page under the FBI heading.
I figure since they went through all the trouble to built a federal courthouse out of all this we might as well have some trials. This federal courthouse was needed because when the FBI busted over 50 Cleveland cops for protecting cocaine shipments and they didn't have enough room to hold the trial. This bust was one of the games going on around me when I was in college.

Cocaine games have gone on twice in my life and both times I was going to college trying get an education. The first time was back in the late 80's when I was going to Cleveland State University. A friend of mine's girlfriend knew someone who had a television that needed repair. It was a friend of a friend kind of thing. But anyhow this is was what I did for a living before going back to college. I figure I could make a few bucks so I agreed to take a look at it. I had picked her up and we went over to the house, They had disappeared into the back of the house while I looked at the television in the living room. I was adjusting it when the police came through the front door, it was a drug raid. I guess they had been watching the house and when they saw me walking into the house with a big briefcase they got all excited.

They weren't so happy when they found tools in the briefcase and they kept telling me I was in trouble and I just laughed at them, I was there to fix the television. They didn't find any drugs but they ran my name and found some sort of warrant for my arrest because of an unpaid parking ticket or something like that so they took me to jail. I don't think my laughing at them helped. Back in 80's that was a drug bust involving some guy called Arnold Feckner or something like that and I noticed from the news the same cops were involved. It was back when Cleveland cops lost $500,000 dollars trying to make a drug bust in Miami. So anyhow when I went back to college again in the 90's I wasn't surprised by another round of drug games. This time involving cops protecting cocaine shipments. 

Between the cops getting busted for protecting cocaine shipments and the drug raid in the late 80's is why the Parma cop the rammed me from behind asked me where my briefcase was after we got out of the cars. But I can't prove that part, but I figure that's why and the mentioning of drugs enforcement in his deposition (see 4/10/97 Police Harassment Siedlecki Deposition). 

The Courthouse also houses the U.S. Marshalls service which was part of the media games involving the Dillon and Gun Smoke and festering wound games and why I was maimed again along with other media games.

Between massive amounts of the money tied up in building these buildings. And the massive amounts of money made from all the media games how come none of it found its way to me for medical treatment from the injuries I sustained from these crimes? I was maimed again and spent several years in pain as a result of these crimes.
I needed to travel to get medical treatment because all the local hospitals were involved in these games.