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Karen Schulze Parma, Ohio
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Parma, Ohio

Karen Schulze died between 4/10/1993 and 4/11/1994 by committing suicide by sitting in her van in her garage with the motor running. The Cuyahoga County Coroner ruled her death a suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning by inhalation automobile exhaust fumes.This death also fits the unique pattern.
Bob KalinI met Karen Schulze in late September or early October of 1992. The ex-husband of a friend of mine Bob Kalin had called me and said he needed so help buildings some drawers for a jeweler He told me he had gotten a DUI and need to give a the Parma Clerk of Courts an piece of jewelry an (ankle bracelet I believe) to smooth out this DUI with the court. I said I would help to see what it was all about. I knew his ex-wife we grew up together and I figured I would go see what kind of environment he was living in because I heard he was living with someone who was suicidal. Since my friends kids would spend the occasional weekend with him I thought I would check it out.
When my friend and Bob got divorced it was stressful to say the least. One day Bob wigged out and when out into the backyard and was shooting a shotgun into the air. My friend locked him out of the house when he went outside with the shotgun and when he returned to the house he broke out the window to get back in. He had cut his hand and had blood all over the house.
She had called her dad and she went to live with him while the divorce went through. I never knew what it was all about she never told and I figured if she wanted me to know she would tell me. I know her children who were real young at the time were kind of freaked out over the whole thing. I spend some time with them and getting them to smile again took some time but they eventually snapped out of it. Those kids have known me all their life and I always wound them up and then gave them back to my friend. So I figured when he called I would check out and see what kind of environment Bob was exposing the kids to. At the time Bob was renting out a room in her basement.
I had seen Karen a couple of times before at the American Legion Post 91 she was with some other guy and this is how I heard the rumor she was suicidal. When I finally met her formally she started asking me all kinds of questions about my marriage and she had told that she had been to a space shuttle launch when she was in Florida. She had gotten a VIP pass to watch the launch while on vacation. All of this was setting off little alarm bells in my head because of the marriage questions and the shuttle launch.  My father-in- law was a NASA engineer so both the marriage questions and the shuttle launch had me wondering. Plus the fact I am E.T. and there have always been the NASA games of looking for Extra-Terrestrial Life. Plus the fact that Karen’s father was a retired school principle and my mother-in-law was a school teacher. So you can see why the little alarm bells would be going off. What are the odds of that happening huh? While this might seem a bit too much detail I only mention it because there are other things that stem from all of this.