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Mary Jo Pesho
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Parma, Ohio
Mary Jo PeshoMary Jo Pesho was kidnapped from Parmatown Mall on 1/2/1996. She was later found at the Westpark Rapid Station she had been brutally raped, tortured, and killed. This Rapid Station just so happens to be one stop away from where Barb worked and I heard it was part of what they call the "one degree of separation" games. And as you will see this also fits the unique pattern.

As you continue to read about this death you will begin to doubt the validity of this crime. You will probably think it was a hoax because you will see that familiar number pattern. I think of it as part of the buildings games where the City of Parma christened their brand new Justice Center with. This will no doubt raise the question of hoax, or a very real and very deadly game which officials will have to answer.

Here are the web pages I saved about the murder. These pages won't display correctly because they were saved but the text of the story is there along with all the marketing ads. I heard that Dimarco hung himselve in prison. Of course I also heard that story wasn't true and that he ended up going to Mexico. I'll let you figure if that part out.