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Buildings built in Cleveland as part of these crimes
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Cleveland, Ohio

I Have Rights Including the Right to Restitution and to see People go on Trial for the crimes in my life

 I thought I would put these into the web page to see how they look because I am a victim of federal crimes and I am owed a lot of money. As you can see from these pages you can tell no one has had to go through what I've gone through. I was maimed again and my father was murdered. And as a result of these crimes I haven't had a paycheck in over 12 years. And I've had to learn to spell again because what others think was the result of heavy metal poisoning. The quality of my life was diminished and for what, so others could play their building games and so others could make vast amounts of money. I wasn't asked or given the choice of if I wanted to go through this because I was the target.

You know as a rule of thumb victim's of crimes are not usually asked first if they want to participate.

 It's not like being drafted or volunteering to go off to war because in those cases you are not the specific target of the war. And you get money and benefits from going off to war. I've received no money and no benefits. I'm the victim and specific target of these crimes.

A Victim is Defined As

Under federal law 42 USC 10606b A victim is defined by law as anyone who has suffered direct physical, psychological or pecuniary (financial) harm as the result of a federal crime. I think I've shown there are plenty of federal crimes in my life do you?

FBI Motto - Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity

Don't you find it amazing with all the information I've shown in this web site so far that I haven't had an official response from the FBI about the crimes in my life. No one been out to question me about any of this. I received and email response from the FBI on 10/25/2000 (notice the date and time) telling me to contact local police which I did and they never got back to me about my father's murder. They also suggested calling the State Attorney's General Office which I did and was told they were the Attorney for the State. not too many games going on now is there.

I keep hearing from people say my father wasn't murdered even though I went to his funeral. And I got the letter from the USDOJ saying he wasn't murdered. I would like to know why he wasn't murdered when you look at the pattern. Don't I deserve a full explanation of why he wasn't murdered then? Where is that Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity? I noticed that they got a new building from all of this.

And as far as just forgetting about it and moving on with my life that doesn't work because the police harassment continues in one form or another. And they use the pattern that was used in my fathers death.

Costing me my Education & Livelihood

As a result of these crimes I haven't had a paycheck in over 12 years. And needless to say there are still bill collectors or they were until the phone was shut off. But I still get the letters in the snail mail from bill collectors and more warnings of utility disconnection. 

I need a job but how do I explain having the same background check and credit score as someone who has spent a lot of time in prison. How do I explain why I haven't had a job in 12 years without lying about it. And if I tell the truth who is going to hire me. They will say that's interesting but I don't think we need the headache of that following you to our company. And if I lie I figure that will be a reason to be fired just as I'm getting back on my feet. I'm the victim and I shouldn't have to lie about it. How does any of this improve the quality of my life?