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No More Freedom For Busted Cops

They Said GoodBye To Loved Ones And Reported To Prison

police officerCLEVELAND, Posted 6:11 p.m. October 18, 1998 -- Exactly 52 police officers will begin serving time for their involvement in a drug sting earlier this year.

NewsChannel5 reports a few of the officers reported downtown, while others went directed to jails.

Several of these officers are family men with young children. Monday they said their good-byes to their wives and babies as they headed to jail.

More than 50 cops were arrested last January--caught in one of the biggest police corruption stings in area law enforcement history. The convicted officers agreed to participate in providing protection for phony drug deals and gambling. Much of this was caught on tape by the FBI.

police officer

Most of the officers caught were local cops or jail guards.

Monday several of them have to report to federal prison--most serving anywhere from two to five years, but some like Michael Joye will served nine years. Joye was seen on tape participating in a fake Mafia ceremony.

Some of the cops are already serving time and a few of them have yet to be sentenced.

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