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Buildings built in Cleveland as part of these crimes
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And Yet Another College Game

This is another media game that started in college. The short version explaining this comes from me downing loading schematics of nuclear weapons which I came across while doing a paper on Hydrogen. It also has to do with someone who sent a resume to the college who worked at Los Alamos. And the fact that while in college I had the job of maintaining computers. I purchased a Ditto Tape Backup Drive to make it easier to reload computers and because there was simply no backup for the computers.

You'll notice that familiar number pattern and you will notice things like the Don Marshal who is a neighbor of Lee's and will be in charge of custody. More Marshall games. And the Dreyfus is a play on the fact of going through the "Close Encounters of a Third Kind" games. I went through these games after World Trade Center was built. I'll be showing more on this in other sections of this site. I'm still in the process of organizing all the material and data. So think of this site as being a rough draft but you should be able to see the pattern and the "media games"

As you will see as you look through this site people, governments, the college were more interested in playing media and building games than my education which now has a price tag of over $51,000 dollars and was completely wasted because of this. And it also shows why law enforcement hasn't done anything about the crimes in my life and why the police harassment has continued.

With all of this costing me my education and my livelihood I sent my utility bills to the FBI. I figure since all of this has pretty much made me unemployable they can pay for them. Besides this has cost me $500,000 dollars in earnings for which I want restitution.

Vrooman's brother worked for CIA

After my college education was pretty much trashed I would be told that one of my instructors Vrooman had a brother that worked for the CIA. And this was the reason for the games. A lot of these games and media stories are used for building new buildings, In some cases they are retirement games for people who are retiring with a pension. I guess its a lot of fun to take the livelihood away from people as part of other people's retirement package. You can see from the schools logo why nuclear games would be involved. You know World War II ended with nuclear weapons and when you time travel like in "Back to the Future" you need nuclear fuel. And I'm sure you will catch on to the Homer and DOE games. It spins off into other Simpson games.

The utility bills are the last game they are playing. Its a control game and you can see that familiar number game in the amounts owed. The reason they fell behind is the cost of a new medication for my mother. Which I tend to believe was done on purpose when I see the amounts on the bills. My posting utility bills won't stay posted here for long it's just my way of showing the new games which is suppose to inflict economic harm. You know Obama did say next year will be rougher so I don't imagine any of this stopping anytime soon.