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Buildings built in Cleveland as part of these crimes
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The Cover Up

In dealing with these crimes in my life I've gotten the run around. I've had to give the benefit of the doubt when most of this started. I've had to wait and wait for investigations. And then I heard the FBI claimed that it's up to the United States Department of Justice to bring charges. So I sent the United States Department of Justice the information I collected on the deaths of Eric Hauser, Ephus Embry and Karen Schulze.
This information is in the form of police reports, police photos, court documents, coroner's reports. I also included my quick reference card, the separation papers, police tickets and the harassment that has taken place. I sent enough material to show them the pattern of the crimes without swamping them with too much information.

I figured I'd give them enough information to absorb and get up to speed before I sent them more. I figured I would get a phone call from them to talk about the case and this is when I give them more information. You would figure that they would have at least called me once they got the information. I got no call after they looked at the information. But what I did get is a letter in the mail saying my civil rights haven't been violated. I sent enough information to clearly show the pattern used in the deaths and the harassment.

The United States Department of Justice web sites (USDOJ Police Misconduct) tells you how to file a complaint. You can contact the FBI which I did after I was rammed by a Parma Police car when they were located on E.9th St. before they moved to their new building. Or I could contact United States Attorney's Office which just happens to be located in the new Carl B. Stokes Federal Courthouse. How do you think they would react to police harassment, my father's murder and building games. I guess white guys don't have civil rights and not entitled to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  

Police Retaliation

If you noticed the letter from the letter from the US Department of Justice is dated 9/28/2007. The police towed my truck out of my driveway on 4/3/2008 and they gave me no tickets. They didn't even follow the procedure in the correspondence. They didn't want me have anymore documentation that I could send the Department of Justice. This was in retaliation for contacting the Department of Justice.
Look at the correspondence after police stole my truck it was certified mail just like the tickets I got before they stole my truck and they did steal my truck. With no ticket where's the proof of violation and with no receipt it is auto theft. Where's my Due Process of going before a judge before my property is taken away by the government? They wanted my truck gone because of the games that were played and the pattern that was used surrounding my fathers murder.
Where's the ticket or a receipt indicating my truck would be in storage? And why did the police wait 460 days before notifying me it was in storage and the storage bill was $12,000 dollars? The truck only cost $10,000 new. They wanted the truck gone.
Also notice the dates are the same on the 9/28/06 ticket and the letter from the US Department of Justice that was dated 9/28/07.  What are the odds huh.

Bar Associations & Lawyers

As suggested by the U.S. Department of Justice I've contacted the Bar Associations for Cleveland, Akron, and for the state of Ohio and have not had a response from them. I've also noticed that by contacting lawyers through the phone book that they can not take my case because of a conflict of interest. It would seem that with over $1 billion dollars in buildings that were built that they have all be retained in one way or another. This is why there is a conflict of interest. Which was pretty cleaver in a criminal sort of way because they used taxpayer dollars to tied up the lawyers so any who was a victim like me would have a hard time finding a lawyer.
Think about it people seem to have no problem finding a lawyer to file a lawsuit over just about anything and most of the time people would consider the lawsuits frivolous. And with all of these crimes in my life you think lawyers would be lining up to get some of these lawsuits. A lot of which would no doubt be settled out of court so people, companies and governments could avoid the negative publicity. And yet no lawyers have come to my aid in these matters and that should speak volumes.