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Time Lines
In these diagrams I try to explain where things come and how things unfolded and how the crimes in my life are an evolving process. The crimes in these pages for the most part deal with what I call the "91 Games" and they started in the 90's. You can think of the crimes have been going on longer than that in my life but you can think of these 91 Games as the current round of "So-Called Games" that have evolved from previous games.

And one thing you have to realize is that buildings are made up of stories. And this means a lot of the stories that go into making buildings involved media stories. It's kind of a two for one kind of thing if you build a story on a buildings then you need a media story to go with it. When I was very young I went through the media games "stories" that built the World Trade Center and I know some people will no doubt, doubt that but once you understand how this unfolded your doubts will be erased. I plan to go into this in another section. The first link on this page called Origin Diagram will show some of the relationships to stories and buildings and it set the foundation that would be carried out in the 91 Games.