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Pattern used in Crimes
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Used in Crimes
In a lot of serial crime location has played a big part in the crimes. Most people at one time are another have seen a cop show where cops are plotting the location of crimes on a map. The crimes in my life are a little different instead of a map we need to plot the crimes on a calendar. The pattern used in this crimes is a combination dates and numbers. It's a game of numbers with the crimes happening on certain dates. The dates that theses crimes occur on are a combination of two events in my life. My marriage separation and an industrial accident where two of my fingers were ripped off and later one was reattached at the hospital.

When you take the dates that are listed in my separation papers and then start subtracting and adding digits that represent the finger digits that were torn off and reattached you get the pattern used to commit these  crimes.
The number games have to do with number that are in the separation papers or come from numbers that would identify me or the ex-wife. For example as a result of the industrial accident (which wasn't an "accident which I will get into later) I only have 9 fingers while other people have 10 fingers. I only have 19 fingers and toes while others have 20. You can think of the numbers games as being teasing games.

You can also think of the World Trade Center Bombing and the Waco Standoff as distance trains that were going to collide with me in the future as part of the rail and getting railroaded games. One way to think about all of this that its a game, at least to some where they set events in motion and they collide with a person somewhere later in time so they are getting blasted from all directions.

There was the distant crimes of the World Trade Center Bombing and the Waco Standoff and then the local crimes of the death of Eric Hauser, Ephus Embry (my father) and Karen Schulze. And each of these crimes used the same pattern but they applied it differently between incidents and local deaths. The reason for this I guess is to help hide their crimes. Why do criminals use the pattern they use? You have to ask the criminals.
Both "Incidents and Local Deaths" use the pattern of taking away two and adding one to the dates on my separation papers. This represents the two fingers (or digits) that were torn off my hand and one finger reattached.

For "Incidents" they took away 2 from the same date and and added one to another date.
For "Local Deaths" they subtracted 1 from two different dates and add 1 to another date. This way "Incidents" involves 2 dates on the separation papers. And "Local Deaths" involves a total of 3 dates on the separation papers.