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Police Harassment
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June 29 2009

Towing Cost More Than What the Truck Cost

This certified letter is the first time I heard from police since they stole my truck out of my drive almost 15 months earlier. I was under the impression they had already gotten rid of the vehicle long before I got this notice. And since I got no ticket for the violation for which they towed my vehicle in the first place, I did not go to court. And like I mentioned before with no ticket where is the proof of violation? Where is my right that the government can’t not take property from me without Due Process.


What they did was rack up storage charges so high I couldn’t possible pay for them and they are so high the storage charges are actually more than what I paid for the vehicle. This shows the pattern of people and police wanting that truck gone. And the reason for that is the games surrounding that truck and my father’s murder.