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Police Harassement
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Cleveland, Ohio

Hiding Behind the Law

For over 15 years I’ve gone through systematic harassment by police. This harassment uses the dates on my separation papers along with the number games to target me. Needless to say once you’ve read through this section you will see why police never got back to me about my father’s murder.

The Crimes in my Life

The crimes in my life come in peaks and valleys. The peaks are when major building is going on and the valleys are like now where its continued harassment  from police using the same pattern as when the peaks come around. And the media games have pretty much been continuous for the most part. I don't have to go looking for any of this because it always finds me. That's because it generates vast amounts of money.


Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is just one of the things I’ve been denied as a result of this targeted harassment. I also haven’t seen cops and others going to prison for their part in the crimes of my life.  

Isn't it interesting how police know to use the unique pattern that was used by terrorist in their attacks.