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Police Harassment
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Police Harassment

On My Way to Another Funeral

Sherry BrownI was rammed from behind by a Parma Police Vehicle on 4/10/1997. The aunt of a women I met in college (Sherry Brown)had died and I was on my way to her funeral at Ripepi Funeral Home. The funeral home is located on Pearl Rd. a couple hundred feet north of the intersection Snow Rd. and Pearl Rd. Sherry had asked if I could drive because she had to pick up people for the funeral and won’t have room to pick me up.


I was traveling east on Snow Rd. in the inside lane in a Ford Tempo and was coming up on Pearl Rd where I was going to make a left hand turn. When I heard sirens I looked in the review mirror and saw a cop so I started to pull to the side of the road. I looked to make sure no one was in the right lane and then started to change lanes when I was hit by a Parma Police car. I finished pulling off to the side of the road while the cop continued a couple of hundred feet and pulled another car over. I later learned he pulled this guy over because the cop thought he saw the accident. This didn’t make sense to me since the car was in front of us if anything you think he would have stopped cars that were behind us.


I got out of my car and walked toward the cop car and when I came upon the cop I asked him if he was alright. He told me his tires broke loose and he slide. And then he asked me where my briefcase was. I was thinking at the time why would he ask that? And figured his head was ringing from the collision.  

Since Snow Rd is a border street with Parma on one side and Parma Hts on the other we had to wait for Parma Hts, police to respond. Since it we were on the Parma Hts. side of the road. Parma Police also responded since one of their own was in a accident.


After all the reports were filled out and all the photos taken and the vehicles towed and I had got a ticket for not having a valid driver’s license. Parma Hts. Police were nice enough to drop me off at the funeral home. When I walked into the funeral home no one was around it turns out that everyone was in the back building in the basement having food. This would be part of the “Awakening” games which I will go into in the Media Games section. This day was also the 3rd anniversary of the death of Karen Schulze.


Over the next few years I would be involved in a lawsuit which was brought by Parma Police Officer Thomas Siedlecki. He was suing me for $50,000 dollars for injuries he sustained in the accident. But this lawsuit is just another form of harassment and as you can see as you read through the Additional Siedlecki Links you will see them hiding behind the law and using the number games especially when you compare damages to awards. And you will see that the entire “accident” was setup to happen.