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Berea Police Harassment
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April 3 2008
The 4/3/2008 police harassment incident started with a cop knocking on my door a couple of days before. He asked about my truck and said I would either have to get plates or move it. I told him I would see what I could do since I didn't have a garage. I told if I had a garage it would already be in it. And the next thing I knew there was a letter in my postal mailbox from what appeared to be the Berea Police. I quickly wrote this letter off as a prank after all it was Aprils Fool's Day and I just talked to police. a few days ago.
The envelope had the Berea Police logo on it but the letter inside was not on official Berea Police letterhead. And the envelope had no stamp on it. I've got ticket about my truck twice before and each time it had been through registered mail. And each time there was a ticket inside requiring me to show up in court (see banner on this page). And each time I went to court and paid the fine. This didn't appear to be official correspondence and there was no ticket inside. See links on the left of the page.

Two day latter on my birthday 4/3/ 2008 I just happen to be taking the trash out and heard a big truck in the front of my house so I went to look. It was a tow truck pulling into my driveway. I told the guy to get off my property and he pulled into the street. He told me a cop was on his way to my house. I went inside the house and grabbed my camera and a copy of what I call my quick reference card about the crimes in my life including my father's murder. By the time I got back outside the cop had arrived and I told him I was keeping the truck because of the crimes in my life including my father's murder. And the truck showed games surrounding these crimes.
The official complaint is expired plates this is why I got tickets before. I showed the cop my quick reference card showing the pattern used in this crimes and he told me a truck couldn't be evidence. And he told me if I didn't stop giving him a hard time he would give me a ticket. I told him I wanted the ticket but he didn't give me one. In fact I got not ticket or a receipt from the police that they took my truck. At this point I started taking pictures. I didn't have a lot of time to check the settings on my camera, I hadn't used it since New Years. It turns out the date was off by one day. This is why the date on some pictures indicates 4/2/2008.

Like I said I didn't get a receipt from police or a ticket from the cop so I went down to the Berea Police Station and asked for a copy of the tow report. For those who don't know anytime police tow a vehicle there is a record of the towing. I asked for a copy of the report and I could just tell they were just thrilled about me asking for it.

With no ticket where is the proof of the violation? My truck was taken from my driveway without due process. It was stolen by police without my chance to go before a judge. The letter giving me warning was not official correspondence plus police just can't stick a letter in your mailbox. Only postal workers can put items in your mailbox. Its against the law for others to place items inside your mailbox.