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Police Harassment
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December 18 1994
Right after I received my Associate Degree I was invited to meet some friends at Tops bar in Parma Hts. Ohio to watch a Browns vs, Steelers game. I won't ordinarily visit this bar because it was further away from home than the bars I normally frequent but I accepted the invite. We all watched the game and near the end I actually started drinking coffee. I drank coffee for 2 hrs before I called it a night. I walk out door with one of my instructors and right across the street were cops setting in a gas station.

I mention this because I suspect the instructor set me up for the DUI and only walked out the door with me just to indentify me to police. I say this because of the games I went through afterward with probation and that I found out later he was a big support of police organizations. The first time in my life that I actually took the time to sober up before leaving the bar and got a DUI, go figure huh.

Jeff Myers was a students at college and was also a member of American Legion Post 91 gave me the name of a lawyer who turned out to be the law director of Strongsville. He in turned told me he has to take the side of police. But he did take my money and the case. The whole thing looked like a game and I just walked along to see where it took me. I'm debating about whether I need to mention all of this stuff because there is so much already and I have plenty to write down.
But I figure I might as well because this is part of everything I had to go through. I look at this way and that is it was other people who started all of this. I was the target of these "games" so why not give them a mention so they can enjoy it. I know they were enjoying all of this while I was going through it.
But anyhow I went to court and as you can see from the documents (links to the left) I was placed on probation before I even went to court just so they could play the number games.