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Climate Change
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Washinton D.C

Climate Change is Fear Mongering

The push for Cap & Trade because the climate is changing and something has to be done before coastal cities are under water is Fear Mongering. It’s part of the democratic push to control everything. Fear mongering is use to control people and to manipulate public opinion.


The atmospheric level of carbon dioxide is approximately 387 parts per million by volume. During the last International Climate Change summit you might have seen commercials wanting to get carbon dioxide levels down to 350 parts per million.  A lot of people don’t know what this really means so I will try to explain it.


If we reduced the entire atmosphere down to 1 million parts the current level of carbon dioxide would be 387 parts. You can think of this as out of 1 million people 387 would be carbon dioxide.

If we go back to the pre-industrial age which is approximately 1750 the atmospheric level of carbon dioxide was around 280 parts per million. Or out of 1 million people 280 of them were carbon dioxide.

We Don't Have Enough Fossil Fuel to Cause Climate Change 

So in 260 years the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have increased by 107 parts per million or by using my example 107 people. In this 260 years mankind has burned up over half of the world’s oil reserves and the burned up a lot of coal and natural gas. And mother nature has helped by burning a lot of forests. And in all of that the carbon dioxide levels only increased by 107 parts per million.

Another way to look at this is the atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide would have to reach 10,000 parts per million to make up just 1% of the atmosphere. As you can see we are nowhere near that level. I don't think we have enough fossil fuel to create enough carbon dioxide to come any where near 10,000 parts per million.

And it would mean that for carbon dioxide to be causing climate change carbon dioxide would have to be a super duper insulator and it’s not. Carbon dioxide is not causing climate change.


Besides higher carbon dioxide levels is a good thing because plant life consumes carbon dioxide and then they release oxygen. Having plant life releasing oxygen is a good thing since we need oxygen to survive. So we want plant life to have carbon dioxide. If carbon dioxides are raising I wouldn’t blame the burning of fossil fuels I would blame deforestation of the planet.


Note about Climate Change

The earth is alive and it’s climate is changing all the time. Deserts and glaciers have advanced and retreated before. Just as global water levels have increased and then decreased. Mankind is not going to be able to control these changes. Whatever mother nature wants to do, she will do. Also cloud cover have much more effect of temperature than carbon dioxide does. We have all seen how a cloudy night holds the heat in compared to clear night.

Water vapor, the stuff clouds are made of are considered a greenhouse gas. So all of this talk of greenhouse gases being dangerous is just Fear Mongering. Mother nature was burning fossil fuels long before man and she knows how to take care of it, give her some credit. This Fear Mongering is just a ploy to gain more and more control. It’s a power play and the country doesn’t need it.