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Washington D.C.

The Democrats New Direction

I received an email from Congressman John Lewis noting the change that has taken place in the last 45 years and that more change is needed. And I agree. Democrats have to stop focusing on every problem under the sun and focus on jobs.

Democrats have wasted a year on a healthcare bill that won’t bring down healthcare costs. They wasted vast amounts of money on stimulus bill that didn’t work and was nothing more than a cross between political crony payoff and a democratic wish list filled with useless programs and projects that didn’t create jobs. And then democrats claimed to have saved jobs which they didn’t do. They only prolonged the time before layoff notices are sent, they didn’t save the jobs because the tax base that pays the salaries of police, firemen, teachers, and other government workers wasn’t repaired.


To create jobs you have to create a demand for jobs. It’s pretty simple to understand. Businesses have a lot of money just sitting on the sidelines because they don’t have confidence in the administration and the course the democrats are sitting for the country. They are leery because of what the tax policy will be and the effects of the healthcare reform law. They are also leery of all the wasteful government spending that is going on.


The democrats need to the following

·         Repeal the healthcare law and enact a plan that will actually lower costs. I suggested a solution that will do this and I don’t see a better solution.

·         Cancel all the “shovel ready” infrastructure projects that are going to use Recovery & Reinvestment Act funds. Repairing infrastructure does not repair the tax base that pays for police, firemen, school teachers and other government workers.

·         Reduce Government Spending

·         Cancel all of this Cap & Trade nonsense

·         Keep Bush tax cuts in place for businesses while individuals who make large salaries (employed by someone else besides themselves)can be raised a little.

·         Give tax breaks to employers who hire new employees. Democrats have passed a tax break but I’m not sure of how big it is. It needs to be what the new employee pays in federal income tax in the year they are hired with 6 months being the minimum. This helps for those who will be hired late in the year. And while the federal government gets no tax dollars during this time it gets people off unemployment and provides desperately needed tax dollars for state and local governments. This reduces the amount of money the federal government has to spend on bailing out states and unemployment. It’s better to spend the money on tax breaks putting people back to work than funding more unemployment.

·         Give tax breaks to  businesses to upgrade equipment that is at least 70% American made. This will create jobs at the companies who make the equipment.

·         Give business a tax break if they expand their current facilities, open an additional location or build new facilities. This will create additional permanent jobs at these locations and will create construction jobs.

·         Redirect Recovery & Reinvestment Act funds and build or expand medical facilities in every county in the country in accordance with my healthcare solution. This will provide construction jobs that are more even distributed across the country. Provide permanent healthcare jobs once the facilities are complete.

·         Redirect Recovery & Reinvestment Act funds to build a replacement Space Shuttle Fleet and an Orbiting Assembly Platform. This will keep the 9,000 highly skilled workers employed who currently support shuttle operations. This is important because we need their skills in operating space shuttles so we can build the Assembly Platform. And it’s important to reinvest in our strengths as country and space is one of our strengths. We also need to shift more and more of our economy to high tech because this is the only way we can compete with other countries who have lower labor costs. We have to focus on high tech and products that other countries can’t build or is difficult for them to build. The new Space Shuttle Fleet and Assembly Platform will not only give our country unmatched capability in space and give NASA a cost effective way for human space exploration and the continue the quest for new technology but will also open the door for commercial ventures in space by the private sector in such areas as tourism and global communications.

·         And we need to switch to a hydrogen based economy. This will be very expensive but this is the best way to put a lot of people with a wide variety of job skills back to work. Switching to hydrogen gives the country fuel independence with a cheap fuel that is clean. This is what the country needs in order to have a vibrant economy. Hydrogen is the simplest fuel to produce which means the production plants are cheaper to build. And we can use existing natural gas pipelines to distribute the hydrogen with modest modifications. This will save hundreds of billions or even trillions of dollars in building a distribution system. And while a lot of people are not thrilled about hydrogen because they have their choices for a different alternative fuel hydrogen is the only fuel that will give us fuel independence with a fuel that isn’t tied to market and free of market manipulation. It was market manipulation that caused the price of oil to spike to $147 dollars a barrel and pushed our already bad economy over the edge. This is the second time our economy was trashed by our dependence on foreign oil. We need to switch to hydrogen and export our natural gas and the gasoline refined from our crude oil.


Democrats have to show the business community that they are competent and understand business needs and know the course the country needs to take. Otherwise they are going lose big and it’s going to be a very long time before they come back into control of anything