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Illegal Immigration
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Human Rights Doesn’t Mean Citizenship

All people have human rights but that right doesn’t grant them automatic citizenship. It doesn’t give people to violate our borders and our laws. There are reasons we have immigration laws in this country


·         Deadly Disease: Throughout history millions upon millions of people have died from the spread of disease because of people traveling to other countries. This is why you have to have inoculations when you travel. 

·         Extradition Treaties: We have extradition treaties with other countries to prevent people from fleeing from justice.

·         Public Safety: People of this country have the right to know who enters the country and is not a threat to public safety.


Illegal Immigration into this country is not a victimless crime. Having over 12 million illegal’s in the country is a huge financial to state and local governments. You know these people are not living on minimum wage. When you factor in healthcare and other social services like welfare, food stamps, rent assistance, education for children you are easily talking on average about $20,000 dollars per illegal person. When you multiply that our by 12 million people you are talking about $240,000,000,000 dollars ($240 billion dollars). This is a huge burden on taxpayers and its money that could be used to put our own students through college or to give taxpayers a break on the taxes they pay.


President Reagan granted amnesty to millions of illegal’s and that was supposed to have solved the problem. But now the problem is even worse than before. With all the social programs available to illegal’s is why they come to this country. Do you think Mexico is going to give them the benefits they get in the United States? Do you think the President of Mexico is going to give states and local governments $240 billion dollars for the benefits Mexico’s citizens receive in this country? The answer is no and yet he has the nerve to talk about civil rights in our country.


Asking someone to show proof of citizenship is not a racial profiling. It would be profiling if there wasn’t 12 million Mexicans in this country illegally. You know it’s not to white guys, or Irish guys, or Italian guys, or German guys, or Greek guys climbing over and breaking down fences and entering this country. It’s Mexican’s and other’s from Latin American countries. So asking these people for identification is not racial profiling, it’s looking for criminals and the criminals are Mexican and Latin American. If a white guy robs a bank and police are question suspicious white guys it’s not profiling it’s looking for criminals. All of this stuff about racial profiling is nonsense.


I also saw on the news that teachers from Los Angeles were taking their students on a field trip to Arizona to protest the Arizona Law because it violates civil rights. This is the problem with schools today, the students are being used as pawn in political games. What teachers should be doing is teaching students to look at both sides of the issue while remaining neutral.


Teachers not remaining neutral is the real bias, it’s not the law. These students will be the future problem solvers and they will need to have strong analytic problem solving skills and you don’t develop those skills when teachers teach bias by saying this is a civil rights violation. The country has laws for a reason and this is what students should be learning. They should be given both sides of issue without bias.


Then there is the fact that until these illegal’s get situated they are robbing and stealing to get money to live on. The crime rates have gone up and you can blame Arizona for being mad at that. Plus how would you like millions of people cutting through you back yard? You know they make a mess. Look at the mess social events create that have just tens of thousands of people. You know property owners along border and smuggling routes are tired of cleaning up the mess and repairing the damage.


Why don’t illegal’s come into the country through the front door? Why don’t they do all the work that others have done when immigrating to this country. If you don’t use the front door then the intensions must not be on the up and up.

Search Everyone

For those who say asking for identification is illegal what about all the people who take a flight everyday in this country. They have committed no crime but they go through searches and some personal belongings are seized. What about illegal search and seizures? A person can be subjected to body cavity searches for no more probable cause than to be nervous about flying.  The people who should be complaining about civil rights violations are the people who fly every day in this country. We are a free country and we are free to travel to any state and yet they are subjected to unconstitutional search and seizures every time they travel domestically. And all of this is done because of a diaper bomber who didn't board a plane in this country. These searches can and should be done at ports of entry but domestic travel should be free of searches.

The events of 911 can't be repeated because the cockpit doors on all jets have been rein-enforced.  Terrorist don't have access to the cockpit. Besides this is a form of Fear Mongering and the messages we should be sending is that terrorist can't change our way of life or take our freedoms away but that is exactly what these searches do. We shouldn't be scared about dying on a plane the chances of that happening are very small. You probably have a greater risk of being hit by a bus crossing the street.

Illegal Immigration isn't a Delicate Issue

It's politicians who make illegal immigration a delicate issue because they want votes. Actually its a very simple issue and can be solved with answering just one question. Are you in the country legally? Yes or No! If the answer is yes then you thank them for their support and understanding and they go about their business. If the answer is no then its deportation. And that means taking your children with you since they are your children. It's not a difficult issue.