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Political Issues
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Washington D.C.

Political Issues

 This is my solutions page for the problems and political issues the country is facing. I'll get into how politics has played a role in this a little later. But to give you a hint it has to do mostly with politics here in Ohio. I know some politicians are wondering. Besides these solutions show you that I am knowledgeable and that my head is screwed on straight. Also these solutions are a hell of lot better than anything you see coming out of Washington.

Employment Resume

 As I've mentioned before as a result of all of this I haven't had a paycheck in 12 years. Between police following me from job to job, being drugged or poisoned and trying to solve these crimes that I have been the target of I have the resume of someone who has spent a lot of time in prison. And a credit report to match. How do you put all of this on a resume without employers saying that's interesting but they don't really need the headache. Or to have any of this follow me to their company. I'm the target of crimes and being the victim I shouldn't have to lie about it.

Everyone got what they wanted the buildings were built and that made people a lot of money and it generated a lot of nice paychecks for a lot of people. And the financial engines of media and marketing companies were fueled and made a lot of money for a lot of people and generated a lot of nice paychecks for a lot of people with some people getting really nice paychecks. For example just look how many people are in the credits of movies. There was a lot of movies generated from all of this and a lot of television shows. And politicians got their campaign contributions to help finance their election campaigns.

What did I get out of all of this? Years ago back before the turn of the century I asked this question and got a lot list of a lot of different things everything from money, jobs, the wife, a sexy leather goddess, a sexy slave slut, different women wearing nothing but pantyhose and high heels. And of course out of all of these different things not one has materialized, and at the time I didn't believe any of it would materialize. You don't give nice things to people you are trying to maim.
And I also said back before the turn of the century that it wouldn't stop because it generates too much money. It's been going on in my life for a very long time why would they change if they don't have to. If they can keep on making vast amounts of money without worrying about jail or paying me money why would they change.

This was a duplication and continuation of what I went through before, including the maiming. It was all about grabbing power and generating vast amounts of money. Like I said everyone got what they wanted while I got nothing I wanted nor did I get anything others said I would get out of this. So I want the $1 billion dollars it cost to build the buildings since they didn't want me getting anything out of this which just goes to show it was crimes.