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Recovery Act
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Recovery Act

Obama touts 10,000 Project Milestone

President Obama was in Columbus Ohio today touting the 10,000th road project that was made possible with Recovery & Reinvestment Funds. This is such a waste of money and completely ass backwards and I’ll tell you why.


First of all how do we fund our infrastructure projects? When we have a good economy people are working and paying their taxes to cities, counties, states and the federal government. In a good economy these various governments take some of that money and set it aside for various infrastructure projects. Plus there are gasoline taxes to raise money for repairing and maintaining highways.


Infrastructures comes into being as a consequence of a good economy. People have money and the tax dollars are flowing, with me so far? This flow does not flow in both directions. In other words repairing a road doesn’t generate any tax revenues once the project is done. And when the project is going on any payroll tax dollars that are paid come from tax dollars. President Obama said this work needs to be done, that’s a bunch of crap. This just digs taxpayers into debt. And borrowing the money to do this work when the tax revenues are coming in just makes the project’s cost even more because of the interest on the money that was borrowed.


And as far as putting people back to work who many people who are unemployed have road construction experience or skills. This road project are just political favoritism and they won’t stimulate the economy. A road doesn’t generate tax revenues. And think about it after 10,000 road project milestone the economy hasn’t turned around. We still have almost 10 million people unemployed. Repairing roads is the worst way to try and stimulate the economy.

 Repairing roads doesn’t bring back the jobs that feed tax coffers making infrastructure projects possible. It’s very dumb economics at best and what it really is taking care of a political base instead of actually fixing the economy.


How many machinists, truck drivers, factory workers, accountants, dental hygienists, computer programmers to name a few are hired because a road has been repaired? The answer is none and the road generates no tax revenue. It’s stupid. In fact repairing roads keeps people from buying new vehicles and reduces auto repairs and keeps people from buying tires. All of which stimulates the economy. It better to use most of the money giving tax breaks to business so they can hire people and get them off unemployment. Or invest the money in a aggressive space program that generates technology that can provide our factories with products. And invest in government hospitals in order to actually reduce healthcare costs for companies and make them more competitive. There is better use for Recovery & Reinvestment Act fund then just repairing roads. In fact repairing roads is probably the worst way to spend the money, and besides they have gasoline taxes to pay for road repair.