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Buildings built in Cleveland as part of these crimes
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Cleveland, Ohio

Welcome to the Conspiracy Zone

As the name implies this site is about conspiracies. But unlike other conspiracies site you might have visited or the classic conspiracies people talk about these conspiracies and crime happened in my life. I've actually gone through these conspiracies and they are all connected to me in a unique pattern as you will as you view the contents of this site. I have been the specific target of terrorism. And by that I mean I wasn't in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was not just a bystander but a specific target, it wouldn't have matter what place I was in. These crimes and events that happened were targeted specifically at me using this very unique pattern.

These conspiracies and crimes started over 30 years ago and have been going on ever since. It's an evolving process with each new crime building on pieces of previous crimes. The best way to think of these conspiracies and crimes is like a tree. The center section of the tree its trunk continues grows and get larger but at the same time there are several branches that grow as well. This trunk and the branches share root system and as you learn about this root system you will see and understand how they fit together and how it has grown and evolved over all the years.

Some of the crimes in this site you have heard about and they have received a lot of media attention. While, other crimes on a local level have for the most part haven't been reported. As a result of these crimes I've been maimed several times and my father was murder. There have been some other deaths of people I know and some that I didn't know.

These crime have cost me a lot over the decades and as you can see from my Social Security statement I haven't made money from any of this. Nor has it provided me with jobs. It's been a process of tearing down my life every time I start to rebuilding it. When one game has stopped another has started to take its place. And its been done to fuel other people's financial engines.